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Help us make a difference!

We rely on like-minded people who share our value and vision to carry out our work. With your contributions, either through financial support, donating your laptops, or partnering with us as a volunteer or as an institution, you can join us in being part of the change.

Monetary Donations

Computers are at the heart of our mission, but there is much more surrounding that central focus that requires financial support. From shipping the computers to Ghana to outfitting an ICT center with peripheral devices and supporting local educators on location, your support helps us do this work.

If you would like to donate via another route, please contact us and we will figure it out.

While You Shop

You can support our mission every time you make a purchase on Amazon by listing us as your preferred charity on AmazonSmile.  There are then two ways to support us through AmazonSmile: (1) make your purchases just like normal and Amazon will give us a fraction of what you spend or (2) check out our CharityLists pages for School Supplies and Computers and Tech and make and purchase something that we need that will be directly sent to us.

So sign up and know that every time you use Amazon you are helping our mission!

Donate Computers & Other Tech

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Step 1: Propose your Donation

Start the process by proposing your donation using the link above. It is critical that the computers and hardware that communities receive is of high quality and useable for educational purposes. You will be asked to provide your computer’s age and a few other technical specifications. This is the first point of contact for any donation.

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Step 2: Get your Laptop to Us

Next, we need to get your laptop to our US-based center in Northfield, Vermont where we will prepare it for transport to Ghana. We will be in contact with you about how to best do this as the best approach varies from donation to donation. We’ll then take it from there, but if you are curious to know what happens from there, keep reading

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Step 3: We Scramble your Bits

The first thing we will do is wipe your hard drive to ensure privacy of any personal data that may still be on your computer. This is important to us and we strive to be compliant with current regulations (e.g. GPDR) and CCPA). We then give your computer a new brain by installing the Ubuntu Operating System to ensure that future software and support is never behind a paywall or warranty.

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Step 4: Collect a Bundle

Equipping a classroom is more than just “getting computers”. These must be accompanied with peripheral devices that facilitate and support the use of those computers. We accept donations of extension cords, mice, memory sticks and other tech and supplement these with additional devices sourced locally in Ghana

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Step 5: Install and Teach

In parallel with gathering computers and peripherals we work to identify a community and location in which to install an ICT lab. A team travels to Ghana to be on-site while installing the lab to carry out focused training events for students and local ICT educators. This process can take anywhere from one week to one month and we invite you to consider volunteering with us in our next project.

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Step 6: Rinse, Repeat and Recycle

And there you have it! Your computer is now being put to good use and living out the rest of its life in beautiful Ghana. But what happens when it dies? Establishing a constant stream of donations allows for us to travel to Ghana to bring “new” used machines, and gather the dead ones to ensure that the machines can be recycled and disposed of in a responsible and ethically.

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We are always eager to welcome volunteers wishing to get involved in the organization as a volunteer with us either at home or teaching in Ghana. We also are very open to establishing partnerships with organization who may be interested in supporting our mission in a more formal way. If you or your company is interested, don’t hesitate to let us know your interest using one of these forms. Or drop us an email!

About Us

Kente Connect is a registered 501(c)3 organization in the United States. Within Ghana, we work in partnership with Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions.

We value transparency. Our essential organizational and financial records can be found here.

Contact Us

US Location

321 Homewilde Lane
Northfield, VT
05663 USA

Ghana Location

P.O Box KJ 785
Kejetia – Kumasi, Ghana